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Digital design group at Skandysys provides design services and solutions to some of the biggest names in the global semiconductor industry in the areas of ASIC & FPGA design, Port Silicon Validation. Our designers have hands-on experience of the latest technologies, methodologies, languages, and techniques used in the industry.

ASIC Design Services

Micro Architecture
RTL Development
Low power design implementation and checks
PCIe, Ethernet, SAS, USB Subsystems
AMBA AXI, AHB, APB protocols, OCP, ARM Subsystems
SOC/Sub-system integration
Timing constrains, Synthesis and STA

FPGA Design Services

System architecture and FPGA selection
Software-hardware partitioning
Defining microarchitecture including FPGA vendor provided IPs, Custom IPs and to be developed modules.
Converting custom requirements to efficient HDL.
Design synthesis and time closure.
Multi-boot, partial configuration support.
Board bring-up, FPGA dessign validation using customer software, protocol analyzers and test equipment’s.
Performance validation of design across supported voltage, temperature corners.

To achieve your silicon dreams, we at SkandySys strive to bring the best solution tailored to suit your business. Experience the least turn-around-time with us from design to finish. Our first silicon success, two tape-outs, and successful completion of two turnkey projects speak volumes for us.

We add intelligence to things

Grow your business with technology futurists and visionaries
who have the proven mantra for first silicon pass and tape-outs at the very small turn around time.

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