Analog and Mixed Signal Design

Complete Analog Design cycle from spec to post silicon validation

Analog & Mixed Signal (AMS) Design group at Skandysys provides design services and solutions to some of the biggest names in the global semiconductor industry. Our designers have hands-on experience and expertise in CMOS / FinFET IP Development.

Service Offerings

Analog and Mixed Signal Circuit Design

Aanlog and Mixed Signal Verification (AMS Verification)

Technology Porting

Layout Design

Physical Verification


Design Expertise

Power Management Integrated Circuits (PMIC)

    • Reference Generators, LDO
    • DC-DC Converters (Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost)
    • LED Drivers (WLED, RGB LED)

Data Converters

    • Successive Approximation (SAR)-ADC
    • Sigma Delta Converters
    • Pipeline ADC
    • Current Steering DAC

PLLs and Clock Generators

    • Integer and Fraction PLLs
    • DLL
    • Equalizers and SERDES IP

Library Development

    • I/O Cells
    • LVDS Tx/ Rx/ Bidirectional
    • GPIO
    • Standard Cells
    • Memory Leaf Cells
    • Custom Cells

AMS Verification Expertise

Analog/Mixed signal Verification of IP/Subsystem.
AMS full chip verification of complex mixed signal ASICs.
Modelling of Analog and Mixed signal blocks using Verilog AMS/Wreal/RNM
Expertise in setup of Digital mixed signal environment using custom verification flows such as UVM-AMS.

To achieve your silicon dreams, we at SkandySys strive to bring the best solution tailored to suit your business. Experience the least turn-around-time with us from design to finish. Our first silicon success, two tape-outs, and successful completion of two turnkey projects speak volumes for us.

We add intelligence to things

Grow your business with technology futurists and visionaries
who have the proven mantra for first silicon pass and tape-outs at the very small turn around time.

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