Predictions on Development of In-Vehicle Infotainment Industry

Predictions on Development of In-Vehicle Infotainment Industry

Though technological innovations now shape the world around us, the humble car has stayed pretty much the same in terms of in-vehicle entertainment options. That is set to change. Innovative solutions for the automotive industry are being pioneered all the time. Real-time location data is one of the main technologies that is set to define the future of in-car infotainment.

Driven by the automotive evolution into IT systems. Some really fascinating and pioneering new technologies are expected to contribute to that figure. Here is the short list of predictions for the future of in-vehicle infotainment development to look out for.

  1. 5G Streaming
  2. Mixed Reality Maps
  3. V2V Gaming (Vehicle-to-Vehicle Gaming)
  4. Personalized Voice Assistant
  5. In-Vehicle Retail

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