Embedded Software (Compiler Developer)

Experience: 3-10 yrs

Location: Bangalore

Job Overview:

LLVM or any industrial strength compiler development experience is a plus.

  1. Knowledge of the structure and function of the compiler internals.
  2. Hands on experience writing SIMD and/or multi-threaded high-performance code is a plus.
  3. Hands-on experience implementing DSP Kernels a plus
  4. Hands-on Experience in C/C++, Python development (3+ years)
  5. Hands-on Experience with Object Orientated Design, TDD development solutions such as GoogleTest etc. ( – Experience in machine learning frameworks and neural network architectures + ML compiler workload synthesis, a plus
  6. Experience in using C++ 14/17 (advanced features)
  7. Experience at both the firmware (RTOS) and system level (Linux) in SOC
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