IoT: Connecting Chip to Cloud

IoT: Connecting Chip to Cloud

Chip-to-Cloud is a technology that enables creating secure-by-design devices using energy efficient microchips that stay connected to the cloud at all times. With the rapid growth in the number of connected devices, engineers must be sure they are completely secure. Industries and even entire economies rely on the security of IoT devices, which is exactly why chip-to-cloud technology is the NEXT BIG THING.

Tech companies have been working on Chip-to-Cloud solutions for quite some time, making the security of the hardware and safeguarding the users from the most meticulous attacks a top priority. Developing processor-based security solutions is crucial for staying vigilant against the cyber-threats. Tech companies too have explored the potential of bringing the security to the chip level and enhancing the security capabilities of the hardware via the means of chip-to-cloud technology. With billions of smart devices connected to each other, the vulnerability of the entire ecosystem might produce disastrous consequences, and simply acknowledging this fact is not enough. The chip-to-cloud technology might just prove to be the right solution that can provide smart device producers with a chance to guarantee safety to their users.

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SkandySys is an engineering services company focused on ASIC design, FPGA design, Systems and Firmware Software engineering. We are a unique team of engineers that has developed a wide variety of innovative products. We led the development, from inception to productization, of hundreds of designs spanning across the technology industry.

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