Suresh Patil

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Suresh Patil, a serial entrepreneur, is the co- founder and CEO of SkandySys Technologies. He is a unique individual who personifies the culmination of a futuristic vision, business acumen, and technology smarts.

Mr. Suresh comes with a rich engineering experience spanning over two decades. He has complete hands-on experience in IP, Sub-subsystem and SoC levels of system architectures and has engineering competency in RTL design, Front end Verification and RTL synthesis.

Under his able leadership, SkandySys has grown into a 120+ strong engineering force with an ability to take on various complex Chip sets spanning mobile communication to breaking edge cloud, IoT, and crypto technologies. With his towering experience at helm, SkandySys technologies saw two tape outs with one of the fastest and single shot silicon success along with four turn key completed projects to name within a year.

Also, under his guidance, SkandySys Technologies increased its revenue by 350% since its setup in 2017 and is set to forecast a minimum of 2x growth by the end of 2019. Mr. Suresh comes with a lot of experience in setting up the VLSI business units in India. He has helped scale up business units to a formidable 200+ engineers ensuring they have a dominating market in India.

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