Balasubramanyam KR

Director Of Sales

Mr. Balasubramanyam KR, fondly known as Bala in the professional circle, is the Co-founder and Director of Sales at SkandySys. He comes with two decades of experience in product engineering sales in national and international markets, working with the likes of KPIT, Synapse, Wipro, Altran. Apart from graduating in Instrumentation and Electronics design from the prestigious Bangalore University, Bala also holds a degree in Finance from Manipal and Business Law from National University of Juridical Sciences.

Bala at the core is an on-chip hands-on expert. After closing many million-dollar deals, Bala along with Suresh set up SkandySys with a small vision of converting outsourcing into consulting in the field of VLSI. With Bala at the helm, that small dream today has grown to be, providing one of the best full stack consulting firm in the field of software, embedded software, and VLSI. He played a key role in setting up SkandySys as one of the foremost preferred destinations for outsourced VLSI projects.

Bala, with his charm and charisma ensures that the company is in safe hands. With him at the vanguard, the entire company is alert and fresh to take the next challenging project to create a dent in the universe of VLSI.

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