About SkandySys

Improve Silicon. Improve Technology.

SkandySys leadership team did the groundwork for more than six months before starting the company, met multiple industry leaders and veterans to gather inputs/suggestions/feedback about difficult areas in engineering services especially in Semiconductor and Embedded domains. They founded the company in April 2017 with a team of 25 experienced engineers and immediately acquired a project for full chip design and verification responsibility that included multiple IP Designs and Verification, multiple Subsystem Design and Verification, and SoC Design and Verification.

Empowering our customers and enable them to stay ahead of the curve

Skandysys has the smartest engineers transforming businesses in the semiconductors, automotive, industrial automation, telecommunications, and consumer electronics domains. Our talent pool draws upon rich and diverse expertise and is adept in applying our proprietary combination of platform, connectivity, and cloud engineering technologies to help you drive business value.

Silicon Creativity

We have all the knowledge and insights not to be restricted by the four silicon electrons! We have the ability to handcraft creative silicon solutions to meet your tape out targets.

Silicon Frameworks

SkandySys encompasses multiple industry best practices packaged into deliverables for a sure shot silicon success frameworks.

Assured Tape-outs

Assured tape outs are the confidence SkandySys brings into the Silicon market to ensure technology cycles are met for go to market goals.

Smart Firmware. Smarter RTL. Smartest Tapeout!

Within the first six months of inception of the company, we acquired two turnkey projects for verification from one of the Top 5 chip makers in the world. These two projects were successfully delivered. In the meantime, we also acquired many industry leaders to focus on business for different domains like Frontend, DFT, Physical Design, RTL and Embedded/Firmware Development. Today we acquire multiple customers in different domains like DFT, Physical Design, RTL Design, and Embedded F/W development.

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